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Welcome to your new home

Torsby municipality has created a park in the town center of Torsby. The purpouse of the park is to support biodiveristy and create awarness among people. In the park there is several infosign, here you can read these in english.

Birdsong is a part of springtime

A rich bird life is an essential part of a well functioning nature network. Birds are very important for spreading seeds and reducing the proportion of insect pests.

And you cannot underestimate the importance of birds to our public health, what would springtime be without lovely birdsong?

Birds like locations with lots of insects, worms in the soil, old trees and dense shrubbery.

Many bird species show declining numbers

Like wild pollinators, birds are also adversley affected by the increased spreading of pesticides, climate change and the streamlining of agriculture. Other threats to birds are the decreasing proportion of older forests, especially older decidious forests.

The number of red-listed species in Sweden 2020, in danger of extinction, have increased by 15% since 2015.

Bacome a landlord, put up birdhouses at any time of year

Hollow trees have become a scarcity. You can make an important contribution to biological diversity by putting up birdhouses. Birdhouses are mainly used as nests for egg laying birds in the spring but the house is also a good shelter during the winter cold. They can be put up at any time of year.

  • Use rough-sawn pinewood. Believe it or not, baby birds like it prickly! A board measuring 22x95x800 mm is good for a floor, front and back.
  • Another board measuring 22 x 145 x 720 mm is fine for two sidewalls and a roof.
  • Let the roof protrude a couple of centimeters from the front and sides.
  • Drill a hole in the front, ca 20-25 cm from the floor. The diameter of the hole should be 27-30 mm.
  • Nail or screw the pieces together.
  • Put the birdhouse up in a tree, on a fence, on a pole or other suitable place.
Collage showing two colorful birds

To the left: Starling. Have you heard its´ beautiful song in the spring? It sounds like a complete orchestra.The starlig can pick up sounds from the surroundings, like the song of other birds, and mimic it in its´own song. Unfortunately, like many other bird species, it becomes increasingly rare in Sweden. To the right: The Bohemian waxwing. It is a rootless bird, it moves to where food resoures are best.

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