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Welcome to Torsby Butterfly Park

Torsby municipality has created a park in the town center of Torsby. The purpouse of the park is to support biodiveristy and create awarness among people. In the park there is several infosign, here you can read these in english.

Natures´ heroes are endangered

Pollinating insects, like bumblebees, bees and butterflies, are crucial to natures´ interplay and to our own production of food. However, fewer flower-rich habitats and an increased use of pesticides, as well as climat change, cause wild pollinators to decrease in numbers of individuals and species.

Torsby municipality wants to contribute

This park has been created in order to support wild pollinators. There are flower meadows, trees and bushes that provide food and nesting facilities have been prepared for insects and birds.

Picture containing information and illustrations of bees.

Pollination is a fine-tuned interplay between plants and animals crucial to our food production and survival. Bees are an exempel of pollinationg insects, Just like us the polination insects needs a home, food, water, nature and rest. Wild bees are very peaceful and almost never sting. IF they should sting, the stinger itself is so small that it can´t penetrate human skin. In other words, you wouldn´t feel a thing.

LONA, local nature preservation initiative

The local nature conservation initiative, LONA, is a contribution that will stimulate the long-term nature conservation commitment of municipalities and non-profit associations. Through LONA, it is possible to get up to 50 percent in grants to implement projects that benefit nature conservation, outdoor life and public health.

The butterfly park in Torsby is financially supported by the initiative.


The butterfly park is financially supported by LONA

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