Torsby kommun
Torsby kommun


There is a wide variety of housing available in Torsby for a reasonable price. The municipality can assist you if you are looking for a house, cottage or apartment in the Torsby district.

You can buy or rent private homes, rural houses, cottages, apartments and flats. 75% of the residents in Torsby live in single-family homes and 25% in apartments.

Most residents live in tenant-owned housing, but there are also many houses and apartments available for rent, and many of these have their own garden.

Real estate prices are much lower here than in regions with large cities.

Holiday cottages

Many people from Torsby, as well as from other regions and countries, own a holiday cottage in the Torsby area in order to enjoy nature and leisure activities in both summer- and wintertime. There is a large variety of holiday homes available.

The Housing Company

The municipal Housing Company manages a large number of houses, apartments and premises in the municipality available for rent. Go to Torsby Bostäder AB to see the latest offers, or contact the Housing Company at +46 560 272 40 or

There are also about fifteen private landlords and three tenant-owned housing associations. The municipality can mediate. Call for more information tel. +46 560 160 10 (Torsby) and +46 560 166 32 (Sysslebäck), or go to Bostadsförmedling (in Swedish).

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