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Leisure, sport and recreation

Torsby Municipality conducts an active policy to stimulate sport and recreation, and to improve fitness and health among its residents. The municipality counts several prime indoor and outdoor sport facilities.

Sports grounds

The Björnevi sports ground in the centre of Torsby consists of two football fields, one with grass and one with all-weather artificial turf. There are track and field facilities for shot put, hammer throw, discus, high jump, long jump, pole vault and a 400-meter all-weather track. The fields are located next to the indoor sports hall Stjernehallen and the swimming pool.

There are many more football fields and sports grounds in the municipality.

Torsby Skidtunnel & Sportcenter

Torsby Skidtunnel & Sportcenter is a large sport facility within walking distance of Torsby centre and close to Torsby Airport. Within the area are hiking trails, lighted and asphalted paths, biathlon and cross-country skiing trails, ski slopes, shooting ranges and a service facility with showers, sauna and snacks. The facility has an artificial-snow system to assure prolonged use of the ski tracks.

Torsby Sportcenter is an excellent facility for outdoor recreation and training. It is also the location for the ski tunnel, the first indoor facility for cross-country skiing in Sweden. Many Swedish and foreign elite skiers, biathlon athletes and sports tourists have already found their way to the skitunnel. Torsby Skidtunnel & Sportcenter is in the process of becoming a well-known international arena.

Swimming pools

The Swimming Pool & Leisure Centre in Sysslebäck is perfect for those seeking an active lifestyle. It offers activities, lodging and leisure, all under the same roof. The new GA-hall is a complete sport facility, also suitable for meetings, conferences, fairs and camps. You can swim and sunbathe in the indoor swimming pool and work out in the well-equipped gym.

TorsbyBadet , located in the centre of Torsby, is a sport facility for all ages: for training, relaxing, play and adventure. It is much more than a swimming pool – there are saunas, whirlpools, gyms, exercise rooms, a café and a conference room.

The pool area is a combination of adventure pool with waterslide, swimming pool and a pool for small children. All areas are accessible for the disabled. The water temperature is 30°C in the main pool and 34°C in the “training pool”. The activity programme includes baby swimming, adult and children's swimming classes (ages 5 – 9) and water exercises with pulse-training.

Swimming school

Swimming classes are a responsibility of the municipality. They are usually conducted during school hours, with additional training available at other times. All classes take place in the indoor swimming pools in Sysslebäck and TorsbyBadet.

Wintersports holidays

During the school holidays in February, also known as the “wintersports holidays”, the municipal Recreation Committee arranges extra activities for young people in co-operation with local clubs and associations. The programme is published, amongst others, in the local weekly TorsbyBladet.

Youth recreation centres

Municipal youth recreation centres can be found in three localities within the municipality: in Torsby, Likenäs and Sysslebäck. Stöllet has a youth centre run by local clubs. These centres are open to all young people and can serve as a complement to the activities of clubs and associations. Those who are not active in a club are of course especially welcome to visit the youth centres.

More information on youth centres (fritidsgårdar) (in Swedish).

Fitness & health

The municipal fitness & health consultant has her office at TorsbyBadet. Her task is to assure the health and fitness of Torsby residents through group activities, and so to help residents to work towards a healthier lifestyle. She works in co-operation with other municipal departments, health care providers and companies. Public lectures are regularly held to help develop public awareness on concepts of food, exercise and motivation.


You are welcome to contact the staff of the Recreation Department if you are interested to book facilities or if you seek advice or financial assistance for your club or association. This department also issues licenses for lottery activities. The office is located at TorsbyBadet.

Kicki Velander, director of the Recreation Department, tel. +46 560 166 90,

Kristina Svensson, recreation consultant, +46 560 166 93,

Anna Larsson, fitness & health consultant, +46 560 166 94,

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