Torsby kommun
Torsby kommun

Welcome to Torsby Municipality!

On these pages you will find a selection of the information that is available on the website of Torsby Municipality.

Whether you are a current or newly arrived resident, or merely interested to know more about Torsby, this guide to Torsby will provide useful information.

Our aim is to provide information about municipal services and thereby better safeguard our citizens' safety and well-being.

Information is also available through:

Torsby Nu bulletin

Torsby's own information bulletin is distributed four times a year to all households and businesses in the municipality. If you do not live here but would like to receive "Torsby Nu", you can have it sent to your residential address by contacting the municipal reception desk.

You can also read Torsby Nu online in Swedish.

Contact us

You are always welcome to contact us when you have a question about the municipality or its services.

Call the municipal reception desk at: +46 560 160 00

E-mail address:

Visiting address: Nya Torget 8, Torsby

Office in Sysslebäck: Torget 5, Sysslebäck

Tourist information

For more information on things to see and to do in Torsby, go to their website

You can also contact the tourist office directly:

Call the tourist office at: +46 560 160 50

E-mail address:

Visiting address: Järnvägsgatan 9, Torsby

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